Intelligent Manufacturing



Laser Cutting Machine


The advantages of laser cutting machines are flexibility, precision, repeatability, speed, cost-effectiveness, great quality and contactless cutting.
Excalibur has invested two sets of laser cutting machines to ensure Excalibur products’ accuracy and productivity. With the help of laser cutting machines, Excalibur can also fulfill customer’s OEM requirements for adding logos in our products.



Transition From "Manufactured By Excalibur" To "Manufactured With Intelligence


Excalibur has invited two Automatic Differential Chain Assembly Lines, which have a capability of manufacturing 1250 sets of engines each line daily. Some key places will also be carried out by robots, which can reduce the faults caused by workers. And through ERP system, we can manage and monitor the workshop, production, staff, quality, material and environment to drive Excalibur production, efficiency forward.


Robot Welding Machine


A robotic welder can achieve superior quality by ensuring the correct welding speed, angle and distance with the accuracy of (+0.04mm). Ensuring that every single welding joint is consistently produced to the highest quality significantly reduces the need for costly rework.
With the help of Robot Welding Machines, Excalibur has a great increase in productivity, thus, ensures the delivery time. Not only can Excalibur assure the delivery time, but also the quality for the products is ensured.

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